[03:29:45] Rainbow_Dash!~Rainbow_D@wikia/Smuff quit with message: [Quit: hawt]
[03:29:48] ChristineV!~Christine@unaffiliated/christinev quit with message: []
[03:30:34] <Otter-Man> ...
[03:30:36] <Otter-Man> that's cum, isn't it?
[03:30:40] <Megan> you could ban him for it
[03:30:43] <Megan> and yes it's cum
[03:30:47] <Megan> from 4chan  
[03:32:40] <Gaz> rofl
[03:33:24] <suppa> ...
[03:34:23] <Megan> gaz stop fapping and do something
[03:35:03] <Gaz> wat
[03:35:34] <Otter-Man> OK, I'm a bit disgusted with that sort of attitude, Gaz
[03:35:44] <Otter-Man> Normally, I respect you, but I can't respect you if you just let blatent porn slide
[03:35:51] <Gaz> fine
[03:35:59] <Otter-Man> especially since it was intentionally posted
[03:36:00] Gaz!~Gaz@wikia/Gaz-Lloyd set mode: +b *!*@*wikia/Smuff*
[03:36:20] <Otter-Man> Thank you >_>
[03:36:27] <Cook_Me_Plox> But it was pony porn.
[03:36:38] <Megan> still cook
[03:36:39] <Otter-Man> porn is porn
[03:36:44] <Otter-Man> And I've given that up a while ago now 
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