The Gumy line is a budget range of headphones made by JVC which can be bought in any ASDA or Argos store, with the most basic line being the Gumy headphones and the premium pair being the Gumy Air. This review focuses on the basic pair, which can be purchased from most ASDA stores for about £6, making it one of the cheapest pairs by a known manufacturer.

Gumy range

Being the cheaper of the two sets, they're still marginally better than those provided by Apple and are available in a range of nice colours. The headphones deliver pretty good sound and aren't too muffled. They may suffer on bass at times, but normally get the job done pretty well.

In terms of durability, the bottom of the wire has a habit of fraying after large amounts of usage and the speakers themselves have an odd habit of falling out and dangling by some copper wires. While this can be fixed by simply popping them back in, each time this happens the wires risk being damaged and the casing surrounding the speakers can become uncomfortable.

Comfort wise, they're nowhere close to their big brother. They're okay, but will hurt after prolonged use. When they start to fall apart they can be rather irritating on the skin inside one's ears also; whilst this may not affect sound quality, it certainly can affect one's overall experience of using these earphones.

These earphones also have wires which feel rather rubbery; this in turn means the earphones are very, very prone to tangling up.


I'd personally tell you to get the more expensive pair of Gumy Airs, however, for those strapped on cash, these are still a pretty good replacement for any broken earphones that may come with an iPod/Phone.

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